Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

Center Introduction A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Korean Demand Company, KRIC

Background and Progress

Vitalization of Korea-Russia Innovation Platform, Korea-Russia Innovation Center will lead the way.

  • Korea

    Main players of innovative growth are private, SMEs
    Korea and Russia are the most ideal partners (New Northern Policy)

  • Russia

    Expanding technologically innovative companies and accelerating technological development
    Korea is a key partner in the Asia-Pacific region (New Eastern Policy)

Current policies of Korea

Increasing demand to convert to technology-intensive and high value-added technologies
  • From the innovative ecosystem creation plan
    • Manufacturing industry revitalization strategy (’16.11.)
    • R&D process innovation plan (’16.12.)
  • From the 4 wheels of economic growth theory
    • Motorizing SME growth
    • Response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Strategic opening and overseas expansion (New Southern Policy, New Northern Policy)

Current policies of Russia

Increasing demand for commercialization of technologies and the diversification of industries
  • From the economic modernization policy
    • Breaking away from dependence on energy/natural resources
  • From the national technology initiative
    • Developing new markets, the establishment of new technology development, infrastructure/support, and systems
  • From Russia’s economic growth policy
    • Expansion of technologically innovative companies and acceleration technological development

Supporting new growth engines of SMEs and start-up companies based on the cooperative atmosphere of Korea and Russia