Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

Center Introduction A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Korean Demand Company, KRIC

Role and Function

  • Korea-Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Center

    • Russian local partner institution
    • Local networking support
  • Eurasia Integrated Research Center

    • Research institution management/matching support
    • Joint industry/production research
    • Supporting corporate capability strengthening
  • Eurasia Finance Association

    • Finance/business management
    • Economic cooperation platform
    • Supporting local business matching
  • Russian Federal Government

    • Regional business support
    • Regional industry investment
    • Supporting the overseas expansion of SMEs
  • Far Eastern University

    • Regional academic research partner
    • Connection to Eastern Economic Forum

  • Ministry of Science and ICT

    • Technology cooperation project
    • Discovery of potential innovative technologies
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups/KISED/Innobiz Association/TIPA

    • Supporting Korea-Russia joint start-ups
    • Creating start-up platforms
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy/KOTRA

    • Market research and analysis
    • Overseas market entry support
  • Korea-Russia Innovation Center
  • Technology support cooperation network KITECH infrastructure activities
  • Korea-Russia Innovation Platform Private Consultative Council

    • Private associations/businesses
    • Local governments
    • Schools/research centers, etc.
Leading technology cooperation with Russia, centered on base
institutions in Korea and Russia

Key functions of Korea-Russia Innovation Center inside Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

  • Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

  • Technology

    Key Tasks
    • Planning technology cooperation

      - Diagnosis, evaluation and databasing of Russian technology
    • Connecting technology cooperation R&D and commercialization

      - Performance transfer, technological difficulty support
    • Discovering and matching R&D demand

      - Discovery of potential Russian technology, industryㆍacademiaㆍresearch, and matching with domestic demand
    Responsible Institution
  • Vitalization of Start-up Companies

    Key Tasks
    • Start-up incubating support

    • Vitalizing VC exchange

    • Creating joint funds

    • Promoting joint start-up

    • Vitalizing of start-up exchange

    Responsible Institution
  • Market

    Key Tasks
    • Market research

      - Participating in Russian import substitution program
    • Building Korea-Russia joint partnership

    • Market entrance consulting and matching support institutions

    Responsible Institution
Single communication channel for Korea-Russia technology cooperation Providing one-stop service and support for technology development,
commercialization and the local market entrance of demand companies Infrastructure support for start-up discovery and technology support/growth