Korean Demand Company

Center Introduction A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Korean Demand Company, KRIC

Project Introduction

Korea-Russia Korean Demand Company Project

We seek to create new markets and industries and to support companies by solving technological difficulties through the convergence of the excellent foundational technology of Russia and the applied technology of Korea!

  • Supporting the development of new technology or solving technological difficulties for Russian companies in Korea or Korean companies in Russia
  • Implementing Russian technology in Korean companies or transferring and developing Korean technology in Russian companies
  • Creating new markets and industries through the convergence of Russian and Korean technologies

Project Type

  • Original Technology
    Discovery Type
  • Developing commercialization technology based on Russian original technology
  • Korean Demand Company

    [Russia] Excellent foundational technology

    [Korea] Commercialized manufacturing technology

  • Technology implementation and
    product development
  • Commercialization development and
    market entrance
  • Joint Technology
    Cooperation Type
  • Localized development based on Russian demand for Korean technology
  • Demand discovery and business matching in Russia

    [Russia] Process improvement, local customized technology demand

    [Korea] Excellent manufacturing/processing technology

  • Localized product development
  • Overseas market entrance

Application Procedure

  • Project announcement and
    submission of the project plan
  • Selection assessment
    (face-to-face assessment)
  • Notification of assessment results and conclusion of the agreement