Center Introduction A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Korean Demand Company, KRIC


A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Technology Cooperation, KRIC

We are here to support small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies to grow into global hidden champions.

It is time for our industry to expand into the world.

The paradigm of the industry is changing dynamically, and this means that corporations will be divided into those that can expand into the world and those that cannot, requiring rapid crisis response and sustainable innovation measures.

Korea-Russia Innovation Center (KRIC) is a department commissioned by the Ministry of Science and ICT, acting as the bridge of technology cooperation between Korea and Russia in all industrial areas including science and ICT, according to the vision of New Northern Policy. Also, we support the exchange of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies, promotion of joint start-ups, market entrance, as well as the technology cooperation of both countries, based on the Korea-Russia Innovation Platform.

Technology cooperation between Korea and Russia has been centered on large domestic corporations until now. Compared to large corporations, SMEs lack research manpower, R&D funding, and infrastructure, and it is difficult for them to grasp information on local demand and technology in Russia. This is why our center is focused on practical technology cooperation and support for SMEs, striving for a mutual win-win situation through creating an innovative industrial ecosystem by connecting with related institutions and corporations in Russia.

Korea-Russia Innovation Center will take on the role of a watchdog for SMEs and start-up companies to enter the global market, and connecting innovative achievements to improving the global competitiveness of corporations,

we will strive to become an institution that can give new hope to corporations and unlimited trust to the Korean people.
Thank you.

Director of Korea-Russia Innovation Center
Kyou-Hyun Kim