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Center Introduction A Cradle to Advance Toward the Global Korean Demand Company, KRIC

Demand Company Registration

Our center is promoting the “Korea-Russia Technology Cooperation Project” to create new business between Korea and Russia by combining the excellent foundational technology of Russia and the manufacturing and commercialization technology of Korea. We support technology cooperation R&D projects by selecting projects at the beginning of each year through technology development, demand surveys, and matching by experts.

We are recruiting demand companies to implement this Korea-Russia Technology Cooperation Project. If you are interested in this project, please register the following information. It will be registered in our center DB for review and you will be matched with experts in related fields. This information will only be used for our center projects.

  • Project Purpose

    • Creating new business opportunities by combining the innovative technology of Russia and the applied technology of Korea
  • Support Target

    • (Original Technology Discovery Type) Developing commercialization technology based on Russian original technology
    • (Joint Technology Cooperation Type) Localized development based on Russian demand for Korean technology
  • Target Demand Company

    • Companies wishing to enter the Russian market and companies wishing to implement Russian industrial technology
  • Support Criteria

    • ① Supporting the development of new technology or solving difficulties for Korean companies in Russia or Russian companies in Korea
    • ② Implementing Russian technology to Korean companies, or Korean technology to Russian companies
    • ③ Creating new items through the convergence of Russian and Korean technologies
    • ④ Entering the Russian market using Korean technology or entering the Korean market using Russian technology

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