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no Name of Company Keyword of Technology Web site
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67 Volga Diesel named after Maminykh Diesel and Gas Engines https://vdm-plant.ru/
66 RPF “Kostromskaya medtekhnika” Medical devices(Tables Surgical, Sterilizers, Air compressors) www.medteh.org
65 SUAL-PM Ltd. (A company of UC RUSAL) #Aluminum #Powder #Metallurgy www.rusal.com
64 Kostroma Wharf #Shipbuilding http://kwharf.ru/
63 TMK R&D #nanotechnology #pipe #coating #materials #polymer https://www.tmk-group.com
62 TOMUS Turnover of digital parametric three-dimensional coordinate data about objects and application of machine learning for image recognition in motion TOMUS.INFO
61 SapFire Inc Video Door Phone, video on door speakerphone http://sapfire-comp.com/
60 LLC “TD Lutec” Vacuum forming, Production of molds, Design and production of conveyor lines, CNC machining, Metal tooling, Hot/Cold Forming, Injection technology, GMT/SMC mold www.lutec.ru
59 STROYSERVICE LED maintance, heat transfer, LED lamp, heat dissipation https://www.buildmaster77.ru/